Book Clubs

See our events page for exact date, time and book we are reading!

Covid has caused us to change events, we are not doing a Cookbook Club currently and hope to return to it as soon as we can salely do so. 

We are continuing our Evening Book Club virtually and the Day Time Book Club meets in the store.

Monthly Cookbook Club “Literate Epicures”  

Meets 2nd Tuesday at 7:00pm  (We have not started this club since Covid - check back in with us at the later date)

All members bring a recipe from a selected cookbook to share with the group.  We spend the evening eating delicious food, talking about the recipes and cookbook, sharing cooking ideas and of course socializing with a great group of people.  All are welcome to attend.  Please call the store or email with the recipe that you will be bringing to cut down on duplicates.

Daytime Book Discussion

Meets 3rd Thursday at 11:00am  (meets instore)

This is a traditional book club led our staff.  This club just formed this fall and we are welcoming new members.  Lively discussions are encouraged!

Evening Book Discussion

Meets last Tuesday 7:00pm (meets virtually)

This is a traditional book club led by our staff and our longest running club.  Discussions are sure to be thought-provoking – all are welcome to attend! 

The Newtown Bookshop welcomes new ideas for Book Clubs!

Also, if you have your own Book Club and are looking for a place to meet, we are more than happy to have you at the store!

Please come talk to us!