Book Fairs

Newtown Bookshop

Virtual Book Fairs 2022-2023 School Year

The Newtown Bookshop is available to host Book Fairs for area schools in the 2022-2023 school year with a portion of the proceeds going back to your organization.   The Book Fair will be run both instore and on-line. 

Here are notes on setting up your Book Fair:

  • Contact to set up a date(s) for your Book Fair.
  • Families and individuals connected with that school will either come to the store to shop or shop on-line at   These customers would have to tell the staff in the store that they are connected to that school’s book fair or write a comment on the on-line order saying the same. 
  • All purchases made instore or on-line will go toward the total for your Book Fair.   Newtown Bookshop will keep track of these purchases. 
  • Newtown Bookshop can customize lists of books for your particular book fair.  For example, you might want an on-line page with books from the Reading Olympics, or Bestsellers, or books that need to be read for certain classes.   We would give you the links to these pages from our website and you can send them to your community.   Your community can purchase from our entire website, the lists will just help highlight some items for your school.  
  • For orders taken on-line, we suggest families pay for them on line.
  • For orders taken on-line, we can have your families pick them up at the store at no cost, or we can ship them to the families with a shipping cost to that family.  For orders that are pick up at store, we are available to deliver to your school all the orders or families can pick them up at the store.  
  • After the Book Fair, your school will receive a percentage of the sales back to your school as a check or it can be used to buy books for your school.

If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Morrison at or call 215-968-2400.