Are You A Dickhead? (Paperback)

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There are a lot of Dickheads in the world. They sometimes sit next to you on the bus, train, subway or plane. Your boss or co-worker might be a Dickhead. Your neighbor could be a Dickhead. And heaven forbid that your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife or your lover is a Dickhead.

Maybe you have wondered if you are a Dickhead? Or maybe you know that you aren't a Dickhead but you know someone who is, someone who doesn't know that he or she (yes, girls can be dickheads too) is a real Dickhead and you want that person to know that he or she is a Dickhead.

If so, this book is for you.

This book, Are You A Dickhead?, asks the reader 100 simple questions and provides the reader with a choice of 5 circle the letter style simple answers. By answering all of the questions, the reader can create a DH Score. This enables the reader to determine whether he or she is:

  • A Dickhead.
  • Close to being a Dickhead, and if so, how close to becoming an indisputable Dickhead.
  • Isn't a Dickhead.

Are You A Dickhead? takes a humorous but also educational look at manners and lack of manners. It looks at things that people do and don't do in Public, when Getting Around, in Relationships, and in their Brain that make them Dickheads.

For example:

Question 1 When in public' do you:

  1. Pick your nose and look at what you picked.
  2. Pick your nose and flick whatever you picked out into the air.
  3. Pick your nose only when you know for sure that no one is looking or watching.
  4. Pick your nose and eat what you have picked out.
  5. Pick your nose and put what you picked out into your pocket to eat later.

Question 78 When you use a friend's toilet' do you:

  1. Not flush, thus leaving your pee or poop in the toilet when you leave.
  2. Pee, poop and flush.
  3. Flush a sock or hand towel down the toilet so that the next time your friend uses his or her toilet, it will overflow. You like to play jokes on your friends.
  4. Leave poop marks on the inside of the toilet bowl.
  5. Intentionally pee on the toilet seat and laugh as you do.

No doubt the world would be a nicer place to live if there were fewer Dickheads. Answering the 100 questions in this book will enable the reader to do their part, to discover things that they need to improve in themselves, their manners - to help make the world a better place for us all.

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