The Dust-Covered Days of Dorie Archer (Paperback)

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Dorie Archer's carefree childhood days became filled with darkness-no fresh air, no sunshine, no rain, no work for the farmers, and no money. Dorie's gripping story brings to life the everyday activities of a Nebraska girl and her family during the Dust Bowl as they struggled to survive the enormous challenges of one of the most trying times in Nebraska history. Excerpt: The wind began to swirl around them and pick up in intensity. The cloud cast a veil over them as thick as pea soup. Soon the sun was completely blotted out by its murkiness. The light had turned into total darkness that Sunday afternoon. Imprisoned within the swirling, blinding wind, the children could feel particles of dust blast their faces sharply as they frantically covered their mouths and eyes with their arms and hands. It was no use. The dust filled their mouths with grit and stung their eyes. It coated their teeth and tongue and caused them to cough, sputter, and struggle for air.
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ISBN: 9780988417441
ISBN-10: 0988417448
Publisher: Bern Street Publishing LLC
Publication Date: April 1st, 2013
Pages: 156
Language: English