Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 8: Desolation (Paperback)

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 8: Desolation By Yoshiki Tanaka, Matt Treyvaud (Translated by) Cover Image
By Yoshiki Tanaka, Matt Treyvaud (Translated by)
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It’s the master tactician of the ruthless Galactic Empire versus the Free Planets Alliance in Japan’s greatest space opera epic!

In the thirty-sixth century, humanity has conquered the galaxy and colonized countless star systems. The Galactic Empire, modeled along Prussian lines, and the democratic Free Planets Alliance are at war, and the fate of every human being in the universe hangs in the balance. This classic Japanese space opera, adapted into a legendary anime, is finally available in English for the first time.

After utterly defeating the Free Planets Alliance, Kaiser Reinhard has brought 99 percent of inhabited space under his control. Still, dissatisfaction and unease coil within his breast, for the galaxy's last remaining sliver of territory is defended by none other than Yang Wen-li. Seeking decisive battle, the Imperial Navy moves to attack Iserlohn Fortress, but due to Yang's unexpected plan, the battle has already begun before Reinhard arrives. The Yang Fleet must overcome an enormous difference in force strength—while at the same time, a trap laid by the Church of Terra is closing in around Yang…

About the Author

Yoshiki Tanaka is a novelsit.
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ISBN: 9781421585017
ISBN-10: 1421585014
Publisher: Haikasoru
Publication Date: December 18th, 2018
Pages: 224
Language: English
Series: Legend of the Galactic Heroes