Ghostly Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Paperback)

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The mere fact that you are holding this book could awaken Holmes from the dead. He would appreciate your familiarity with his repute as a master detective. That you have an interest in mysteries and solutions. And that you may enjoy learning his analytical methods. Skim its pages and you may recognize the nitty-gritty worldly woes we all endure. But carry on, and you will soon see these are not the usual Sherlock Holmes tales. For they are exposed by an apparition of Holmes. Virtually 150 years after he was laid to rest by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he appears here for the first time as a phantasmagoric chimera of the great investigator. Unspeaking and unhearing, he is still quite capable of reasoning and making a point. Aided by his past sidekick, Dr. John Watson, the two seek the arcane reverie of retirement only to be stymied by forensic interventions. Some cases are ancient, dealing with the origins of Stonehenge, the Tower of London, stolen Crown Jewels, London Bridge, Jack the Ripper, the Bank of England. Others are as contemporary as the Nazi art swag, the 9/11 terrorist bombings. the Mona Lisa heist, and recent O.J. murders. But here any similarity to reality ends. For these are all firsts of their genre. Not once in their existence have the works of Sherlock Holmes ever been out of print. You will find a similar proclivity for longevity in this newest collection. Each story will bear self-satisfied re-telling for years to come. Each has a dash of humor. And each contains a confounded puzzlement. In that sense-sustaining your reading pleasure-we are honored to introduce this new collection of Ghostly Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.
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ISBN: 9781505350067
ISBN-10: 1505350069
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 29th, 2014
Pages: 140
Language: English