Wingate's Effluvium: Forty Years of Judicial Trash and Garbage from America's Worst Federal Judge (Paperback)

Wingate's Effluvium: Forty Years of Judicial Trash and Garbage from America's Worst Federal Judge By David G. Atwood Cover Image
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There are many horrible and corrupt judges in America, but to qualify as the worst judge one must not only

be cruel, callous, cold-hearted, and indifferent to the rights of others, but also corrupt, perverted, unethical,

immoral, unscrupulous, and evil. Judge Henry T. Wingate is all this and more.

ln Wingate's Effiuvium, an unofficial and searingly critical biography of Judge Wingate, a federal district court

judge in Jackson, Mississippi, David G. Atwood, ll, dissects nearly forty years' worth of Wingate's most destructive

and harmful judicial decisions and provides a stunning portrait of a severely disturbed and dangerously tyrannical jurist

bent on the destruction of individual freedoms and basic constitutional rights.

Drawing from firsthand accounts, extensive interviews, thousands of pages of court decisions and Freedom of

lnformation Act disclosures, and Judge Wingate's own words, Wingate's Effluvium delves deep into the life of this

monstrous but cunning figure, chronicling the pivotal events that shaped his life from a poverty-stricken youth in

racially segregated Mississippi to a sycophantic judicial instrument of the far right wing of the Republican Party,

who, after nearly four decades on the bench, has placed America's judicial system and the lives of the most vulnerable

under the sword of Damocles.

ln assiduously spreading his unique and discriminatory form of paleo-conservatism--bordering on Nazi-like

fascism--into all corners of Mississippi society and politics, Judge Wingate has plotted, schemed, and manipulated

the justice system to advance his own ambitions; he has knowingly incarcerated innocent criminal defendants solely

to advance the agenda of the Republican Party; he has methodically dismantled African-Americans' civil rights and

subjected them to systematic racism and discrimination despite being Black himself; he has attempted to silence his

critics with threats of imprisonment, monetary fines, and harassment by federal law enforcement; he has repeatedly

ignored the pleas for justice of those harmed by government abuse; he has protected and condoned the illegal and

violent actions of corrupt police officers; he has been accused of sexually abusing numerous men and women; and

he has refused to apply the laws fairly, impartially, and equally to all citizens regardless of their sex, race, gender,

or political affiliation.

David Atwood, an innocent and abused victim of Judge Wingate's tyranny, has, for almost twenty years, studied,

examined, investigated, and psychoanalyzed nearly every Wingate legal case and judicial decision and has investigated

Judge Wingate's family history, his pseudo education, his military service, and his unremarkable career as a partisan

government attorney. Atwood grippingly narrates this biography and, like a keen prosecutor, builds an impregnable and irrefutable case that Henry T. Wingate is the worst, most despicable federal judge in America.

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