How To Avoid Your Future Crazy Ex (Paperback)

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Nick Simon is a regular guy who tells it like it is. No psycho babble: just real talk, about real people, in real situations. There is no other way to tell it, when you have faced the implausible, surmounted the surreal and traversed the realms of absurdity. All that is left is the truth....

Crazy $# * doesn't just happen in the movies Sometimes people have the capacity to swan-dive off the cliffs of insanity and blow a hole in your life the size of a nuclear blast crater.

How To Avoid Your Future Crazy Ex is a darkly humorous guide that uses true stories to identify the warning signs at different stages of any relationship. Ignoring these signs is akin to taking an all inclusive vacation to Chernobyl and Fukushima without a radiation suit. It could damage you and your offspring for life. It will cost you a fortune. Worse still, it could cost you your life and/or the life you thought you had.

Read this before it is too late. Prevention is better than the cure. Real 'crazy' does not go away Real 'crazy' will forever and indelibly alter your life. There is only one foolproof way to deal with 'crazy' avoid it

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ISBN: 9781718164406
ISBN-10: 1718164408
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 14th, 2018
Pages: 148
Language: English