The Land Of Giants: A Spirit's Quest (Paperback)

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The Land Of Giants: A Spirit's Quest By Vito Lupini (Illustrator), Tim Fraser Cover Image
By Vito Lupini (Illustrator), Tim Fraser
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Punipan never fitted in with the other villagers who work on their farms and tend to animals, and when they go to bed every night under a cosy blanket of soil, they dream of adventures, legends and magic.
But one night, Punipan dreams of a mysterious, ancient creature who warns them of a great danger, and asks Punipan for their help. When Punipan wakes, the sun has been completely blotted out in the sky, and they realise that their entire village could be doomed to darkness forever!
Enlisting the help of their best friend and inventor extraordinaire, Plotino, Punipan finally traverses the walls surrounding Teal and enters the magical and dangerous kingdom over the wall to find a way to bring the sun back. Encountering creatures made from fire, sticky pink lakes that you can eat and the gigantic, ancient Colossi who roam the land, can Punipan work out how to save their home before the sun disappears forever? And will they finally find out where they truly belong?

The village of Teal is surrounded by giant walls that no-one has ever dared to cross... but now that their beautiful home is under threat from a great darkness, Punipan will stop at nothing to save the day.

About the Author

Tim Fraser is an Earth-dweller from a humble town in the middle of nowhere called London, England. He spends his time writing books, plays, screenplays, and shopping lists, for children and adults alike. Well, the shopping lists are just for himself, but he enjoys writing them nonetheless. He is also keen on cats, music, and cartoons, but can’t decide which one he loves the most.

Vito Lupini was born on a tiny planet called Earth in a country called Italy. At an early age, he tried to discover new worlds, but sadly the technology of the time didn't allow it. He realised that the only way to travel was in his mind, so he started creating tabletop games, stories, and lots of creatures that didn't exist. When he's not doing these things, he loves to look at art made by other humans; whether that’s through music, illustrations, or video games. Sometimes, he stops exploring new worlds in his mind and goes for a walk around this planet too.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781838740665
ISBN-10: 183874066X
Publisher: Flying Eye Books
Publication Date: January 2nd, 2079
Pages: 56
Language: English
Series: The Land of Giants