Today's The Day! The Mel Fisher Story (Hardcover)

Today's The Day! The Mel Fisher Story By Wendy Tucker, Mel Fisher Cover Image
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"In the Eye of the Hurricane:

Winds of Time and Sea Combine..."

Alone on a hand-built search tower that he and his crew rigged at sea-west of Key West-Mel Fisher's past, present, and future

came together when the first feeder band winds of a growing hurricane sprang to life around him...

In the masterful oral history tradition of Studs Terkel, where the interviewer is deceptively quiescent and unobtrusive, journalist Wendy Tucker brings to the page the fully realized life story of Mel Fisher. Today's the Day is Mel Fisher's memoir, in his own straightforward and unfailingly fair and optimistic words. It is many things on many levels: a humbling and touching read, testimonial to the resilient fabric of the human spirit, a paean to family and friendship and loyalty, and a sweet, joyous, and ultimately rocky ride into the heart of the hunt for treasure, both tangible and divine. It is a headlong plunge into a world where the magical and unforeseen are a given. And the quest is not just for any treasure, but for one so immense in its historical value alone, and so seemingly out of reach, that only someone who had truly felt and heard its faint but still clear heartbeat across the centuries could heed and honor as his life's work. That man was Mel Fisher, and it would not be a stretch of the

imagination to say that he was born to find the Spanish galleon Nuestra Se ora de Atocha and her sister ship Santa Margarita, lost to a hurricane off the Florida Keys in 1622.

-Critically acclaimed author Lorian Hemingway (Walking into the River, Walk on Water, and A World Turned Over).

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