Your Heroes, My Grandparents: A Granddaughter's Love (Paperback)

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Your Heroes, My Grandparents is filled with an abundance of candid pictures, many of them never seen by the public. Your Heroes, My Grandparents, by Julie Rogers Pomilia is a charming read, and the first book ever to chronicle the lives of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, one of the most famous couples in western film and television history from the distinctive perspective of their grandchild. We knew them as our heroes, but she knew them as simply, Grandma and Grandpa. Having lived through the '50s and '60s at the height of their popularity, and on into these current times when few people under the age of 50 remember who they were and the impact they had on American culture, the author shares unique insights about what it was like living with her famous grandparents. Still relatable, these heartwarming experiences transcend time and generational differences.

Being the youngest daughter of Dale Evans' only biological son, she shares from personal experience, the love, and acceptance her grandparents exuded as they adopted five children from different walks of life and cultures. Combining "yours, mine, and ours, step, adopted and foster" making nine total, they were the Brad and Angelina of the '50s before it was in vogue. Each chapter stands alone, one short story after another, as she recalls with humor and tenderness, the perception of fame, the tragedies they endured, and the rollicking times they experienced being part of this multicultural brood. Spanning from her earliest memories until the time of their passing, this is a must-read for anyone longing for an intimate, positive encounter with two of the most beloved heroes in American history. There is a variety of reasons to pick up this book. Maybe Roy and Dale are nostalgic for you, maybe your parents told you about them, or maybe you have no idea who they were at all. No matter the reason, you will be glad you picked this one up.

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Publication Date: April 17th, 2023
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