Mycology, Plant Pathology, & Microbial Biotechnology (Hardcover)

Mycology, Plant Pathology, & Microbial Biotechnology By B. Bagyanarayana, B. Bhadraiah, I. K. Kunwar Cover Image
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I Biodiversity and Taxonomy, 1. Bahusutrabeeja manoharacharii sp. nov., a foliicolous hyphomycete from the forests of western ghats, india., 2. Rhizobial diversity: changing perspectives, 3. Aggressiveness of Corynespora cassiicola isolates and reaction of some Hevea brasiliensis clones to their infection, 4. Some interesting and rare hyphomycetous fungi from papikondalu forest, A.P., India, 5. Diversity and distribution of VA mycorrhizal fungi in thirteen wheat cultivars, 6. Taxonomy of AM fungi in association with Apocynaceae and Asclepiadaceae, 7. Seasonal variations of nematode population in the rhizosphere of guava and papaya, 8. Studies on the thermophilic fungi from different substrates of Dharwad, Karnataka, 9. Studies on some Aquatic Fungi, Gonapodya, 10. Phoma Sacc.: Distribution and secondary metabolite production, 11. Black Mildews on Goniothalamus species in Agasthyavanam National Park, Kerala, India, 12. The status of Chaetomium from the soils of Jalgaon, 13. Some interesting Conidial Fungi from Andhara Pradesh, India, 14. Occurrence of Lichen Flora of Nasik city and effect of Sulphur Dioxide pollutant on Pyxine petricola var. petricola Nyl., 15. Two new Hyphomycetes from forests of Karnataka, India, 16. Survey of AM Fungi Associated with Pearl Millet, 17. Marine Fungi from Sundarbans- (India)-III, 18. Growth pattern and antimicrobial spectrum of an actinomycete strain isolated from laterite soil, II Plant Pathology, 19. Diseases of Tea in Southern India and their management, 20. Soil and tuber-borne diseases of potato and their management in India, 21. Integrated management of Sorghum diseases in India*, 22. Seed mycoflora of Pigeon pea and their management, 23. Evaluation of sorghum against grain mold and its impact on seed viability, 24. Incidence of diseases on tomato fruits in Marathwada and their biocontrol measures, 25. Screening of efficient Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains for the improvement of Soybean production,

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