Not 'Him' or 'Her': Accepting and Loving My Non-Binary Child: Here's What You Should Know (Paperback)

Not 'Him' or 'Her': Accepting and Loving My Non-Binary Child: Here's What You Should Know By Michelle Mann Cover Image
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Has your child told you that they no longer identify with the gender they were assigned at birth? Have they asked you to use specific pronouns with them? Told you that they no longer want to be called "he" or "she?"

Your child has identified as non-binary, and many parents won't have had the first clue what was coming. You probably don't know what to think or what to feel. You don't know how to act, what you are supposed to do, and how to give your child the support they need. That's why I wrote this guide for parents, a guide that you can refer to at any point during your journey when you are uncertain of what to do, how to feel, or when you just want to understand how someone else managed the situation.

This guide is written as a series of personal stories, and here's what you will learn:
  • What non-binary means
  • What pronouns you should be using
  • How to support your non-binary child
  • How to tell the rest of your family, your child's school, friends, and so on
  • Being non-binary from a teenager's point of view
  • The gender spectrum
  • The top nine things that people always get wrong about non-binary people

And much more

This is a no-nonsense, straightforward guide that acts as a line of support to help you understand the support your child needs and to guide you through the tricky minefield ahead.

If your child has come out as non-binary or you suspect that they may be about to, scroll up, hit that Buy Now button, and get the only guide you will ever need.
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ISBN: 9798201391263
Publisher: Michelle Mann
Publication Date: September 12th, 2021
Pages: 84
Language: English