Autism Gives Me Superpowers! (Hardcover)

Autism Gives Me Superpowers! By Payton Biggers Cover Image
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Would you like to learn about autism from an actual autistic person's perspective?
In this book, I talk about what it is like to be autistic so you can understand how everyday things for others might be very different from my point of view and maybe even be able to relate to some of my experiences
A lot of the experiences and emotions I share are from before I even knew I was on the spectrum. So many times, I didn't know how to tell people what I was feeling or dealing with, and this led to frustration for me and some of the people around me. Hopefully by reading about my journey on the spectrum, you will learn too that there is nothing wrong with you. Autistic people can see and feel things differently than people who are not autistic, and that is okay.
Now that I understand more about it, I am better able to communicate my feelings and have also learned that being autistic does not limit me. I can do anything I set my mind to. Being autistic definitely gives me superpowers
This beautiful picture book was written and illustrated by twelve-year-old Payton Biggers and contains additional information from her parents, including highlights from their journey of discovery, invaluable advice, and a glimpse at the magical adventure that understanding has brought their family.

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ISBN: 9798986495316
Publisher: Endless Family Travels
Publication Date: August 12th, 2022
Pages: 44
Language: English