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An Afternoon with Kay Rock!

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Submitted by kmorrison37 on Sat, 03/04/2017 - 7:43pm

Please join us as we welcome Bucks County Herald columnist Kay Rock to discuss her book "Over the Hill and Gaining Speed : Reflections in Retirement" on April 1st at 2pm!  All are invited!


Fasten your seatbelts, we're going for a ride! Readers of all ages will relate to these observations of the journey of life with all its bumps, turns, and exhilaration. "Over the Hill and Gaining Speed" is a collection of non-fiction essays that explore, examine and observe the transition to retirement through the lenses of travel, daily life, relationships, special days, and inspiring people. Sometimes poignant, sometimes comedic, always relatable, these compelling vignettes have been likened to an unexpected call from your best friend. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these charming essays that offer plenty to ponder and much to celebrate. The articles were previously published by the "Bucks County Herald" over a five-year period.


Kay G. Rock retired from corporate life at age 65, and immediately began to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a writer.  Kay began with a monthly column for the Bucks County Herald, covering a wide range of topics and observations that included travel, history, relationships, sports, daily life, and inspiring people.  After five years, Rock compiled the articles into a book, Over the Hill and Gaining Speed:  Reflections in Retirement.

Previously she has been published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Intelligencer, and Episcopal Life.  Her articles also have been published in Psychology Today, the Manchester Review, and St. Martin’s Cloak.  A collection of her poems appears in Soliloquy, a literary magazine.  The Chestnut Hill Local is currently publishing select essays from her book for its readership.

Kay lives in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with her above-average husband.  They delight in their five exceptional grandchildren and frequent travels. 

Event date: 
Saturday, April 1, 2017 - 2:00pm
Event address: 
2835 South Eagle Road
Newtown, PA 18940