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Launch Party for "100 Tipton" by Lorraine Henrie Lins!

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Submitted by kmorrison37 on Mon, 01/22/2018 - 8:17pm

The Newtown Bookshop is honored to host a Launch Party for Bucks County's own Lorraine Henrie Lins and her new book of poetry "100 Tipton" on Friday, February 23rd starting at 6:30pm!   Everyone is invited to join the party!


Award-winning Bucks County poet Lorraine Henrie Lins has announced the release of her latest collection, 100 Tipton. The book will be available for purchase on January 30th through bookstores.

The book draws its title from a poem, 100 Tipton, a loose retelling of the complicated recollections of her grandfather’s house. “A good portion of the poems in this collection, like our memories of youth, are sweet and honest, but with sharp edges and slightly shaded corners to enable healing the parts of ourselves that can be the most fragile,” said Lins, who resides in Bucks County. 

“100 Tipton recognizes that each of us is an intersection of a very specific place and a much larger world,” writes Christopher Bursk, author of Improbable Swerving of Atoms about the new collection. “…she helps us to revisit our own lives and take ownership of them.”

Adds actress and author of How To Wear This Body, Hayden Saunier: “100 Tipton revisits the light and dark summery landscapes of childhood and adolescence at the New Jersey shore and delivers lightning strikes of truth and clarity,” and adds, “Rueful, clear-eyed and rich with detail, these poems encourage us to confront our fears, look forward as we look back”

Lins is also the author of All The Stars Blown To One Side Of The Sky, which was published in 2014 by Virtual Artists Collective and, I Called It Swimming and Delaying Balance, published by Finishing Line Press. 

“It’s such a guilty pleasure to revisit the sunshine and sandy days of childhood, but when you allow yourself the permission to stay longer in those moments, those guilty pleasures become pathways to where you stand as an adult” said Lins. “However,” she added, “the series of poems in 100 Tipton have a courage to look not only at the beautiful, but the ability to see beauty in the dark, uncomfortable topics we tend to ignore, the unlikely moments that stay etched in our memories.” 

Like most poets, Lins hopes “that the reader finds a small bit of themselves in my work, permission to remember the sweetness of their history, the courage to look their truths in the eye.”


Event date: 
Friday, February 23, 2018 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
2835 South Eagle Road
Newtown, PA 18940