Bread and Fumes Book

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Bread and Fumes, a book of poems by Lynn Fanok, examines her formative years, a childhood imbued with Ukrainian heritage, ethnic food, language, and the complexities of being the daughter of a WWII labor camp survivor.

Reading Bread and Fumes is like watching someone turn the pages in a family album of tautly composed snapshots. Each moment is doubly seen—with both the sensory immediacy of a young girl’s experience and her greater insight as an adult. Graceful in their economy, the double consciousness of these poems perfectly suits their speaker’s situation as the daughter of an Eastern European father who survived a Nazi labor camp only to flee from a Stalinist occupation. There is joy here and community, even as the child of a trauma survivor learns to “live with a fire breathing dragon.”

—Randall Couch


Lynn Fanok has written a book of poems, Bread and Fumes (Kelsay Books), about her experiences as the daughter of a WWII labor camp survivor, examining her family, memory, and history. Her poetry has appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, Schuylkill Valley Journal, Red Wolf Press, Tiny Seed Journal, tiny wren lit, and the poetry anthology, Carry Us to the Next Well. Lynn holds degrees in English from The Pennsylvania State University and Arcadia University. Visit . 

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