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You'll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey: Crazy Stories about Racism Cover Image
ISBN: 9781538719367
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Grand Central Publishing - January 12th, 2021

"In this eye-opening, horrifying, and hilarious book, Amber Ruffin and her sister, Lacey Lamar, share stories from Lacey's life where she has encountered racism in Nebraska.  From racist donuts to being mistaken for Whoopi Goldberg, they share everything from the everyday examples of racism to the downright scary, while making you laugh out loud the whole time.  And if you aren't familiar with Amber Ruffin from NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers or Peacock's The Amber Ruffin Show, this book will leave you obsessed."

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A Promised Land Cover Image
ISBN: 9781524763169
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Crown - November 17th, 2020

"In A Promised Land, Former President Barack Obama takes a detailed look at the events leading up to his election to the highest office in the land and the events of his first term.  He critically examines his actions, his relationships and the big political issues of his first term.  One of the most refreshing parts is the honest and open way he discusses his marriage to Michelle and how his political career affected her.  A little long, but a must read."

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Stay Sexy & Don't Get Murdered: The Definitive How-To Guide Cover Image
ISBN: 9781250759221
Availability: Coming Soon - Available for Pre-Order Now
Published: Forge Books - May 11th, 2021

"Hosts of the true crime comedy podcast, My Favorite Murder, Karen Kilgarid and Georgia Hardstark reflect on their biggest mistakes, deep seated fears and anxieties, and traumatic events in their pasts.  Open and honest, the two podcast hosts empower the reader to self-advocate, ignore societal pressures and norms that could put you in danger, and take care of your mental health in a way that promotes empathy for those around you and the boldness to be frank when discussing difficult topics."

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Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl Cover Image
ISBN: 9780525566182
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Published: Vintage - April 23rd, 2019

“’Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl’ represents a different kind of coming of age story.  Set in 1993, Paul Polydoris is a gay man who studies queer theory, loves partying, makes zines, and has a very active dating life.  But his secret, even from his closest friends, is that Paul is a shapeshifter.  He is torn between his life as Paul and his lesbian, Riot Grrrl alter ego, Polly.  He constantly desires to explore both lives.  This book explores sexuality and gender identity in an explicitly queer way that isn’t seen often in books, tv shows or movies and provides one of the best descriptions of how it feels when queer people find their identity and community.  While not for the unprepared, I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to understand what it feels like to be queer in America.”

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The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide Cover Image
By Jenna Fischer, Steve Carell (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9781944648220
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Benbella Books - November 14th, 2017

"In The Actor's Life:  A Survival Guide, actress, Jenna Fischer, takes the reader step by step through her early career.  While her advice is meant for aspiring actors, any member of the arts and entertainment industries will find her passion, talent, ambition, and optimism a refreshing approach to joining a career in the arts.  She opens up about the good, the bad, and most importantly getting cast as Pam on the US Version of The Office."

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Queer  X Design: 50 Years of Signs, Symbols, Banners, Logos, and Graphic Art of LGBTQ Cover Image
ISBN: 9780762467853
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Black Dog & Leventhal - May 7th, 2019

"For anyone who is interested in learning more about LGBTQ history, Queer X Design seems like it is only a coffee table book, but it gives an in-depth visual timeline of 50 years of imagery that has helped define the LGBTQ community."